About Us

Herbal Culture is a family run business founded in 2018. However our story began many years ago, working in the hustle and bustle of London; trying to catch up with the busy world and struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We became tired and dissatisfied at picking up a quick unhealthy snack and drinking fizzy drinks to keep us going throughout the day. We were blinded by the impact it had on our capabilities at work, home life and the damage it was doing to our insides. When the working day would finally come to an end, we felt sluggish, exhausted and unsociable.

We started looking at alternative ways to give us more energy, more focus, a better night’s sleep, any possible way to overcome our daily challenges that were manifesting over time. We got rid of all the unhealthy, sugary and high calorie drinks and replaced them with herbal drinks bought at our local supermarket. After a short time, we noticed a slight improvement, but we still hadn’t achieved the entire outcome that we were hoping for. We carried out some thorough research into our purchases, and it didn’t take long until we faced the reality of what we were buying. For example, one tea was advertised as containing honey, yet the small print revealed it only had 2% of honey mixed with essential oils. That was not nearly enough to get any real benefit from the healing properties of honey. Through learning and research, we were also amazed to find out that the many nutrients and vitamins on a tea plant came from only the leaves, yet many other herbal teas on the supermarket today are containing the entire plant. Whilst most natural farmed products are good for us, we wanted to benefit in the best way possible and that’s how we discovered loose leaf tea. We began to feel refreshed, energised, clean and simply spectacular. We introduced this to friends, family and colleagues. They loved it and reaped the benefits too. It became a culture of goodness and we discovered the best flavours to suit our taste buds.

Now…our mission is to welcome you to our culture of unique and custom-made blends of tea leaves, herbs and flavours like you have never tasted before. Healthy, Tasty, Tea!

Our ingredients have been specially sourced from many different farms and factories from around the world. We pride ourselves in providing the best produce, including unique and organic flavours. Our purpose is to introduce to you our own Signature blends and invite you to join our family in making your own personalised blends, using your taste buds to choose from tea leaves, spices, herbs, fruits, edible flowers and chocolate.

Loose leaf teas and natural produce are not only very tasty, but also provide many health benefits. With our love of tea and expertise, we are now the first UK company giving everyone the chance to choose their own ingredients and have their tea blended as they want it to be. So join our blending family!