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Brewing Guide

By May 23, 2019 Uncategorized

Many people are unaware that certain teas need to be brewed for a certain amount of time to get the best flavour. Tea should also be made using different temperatures of water. Just like cooking a fabulous dinner, you dont want to undercook it and you dont want to burn it. You’ve spent all that time making it so you want it just right.

We are aware that everyones taste buds are different and naturally we are used to drinking our tea in certain ways to suit us. As tea experts we created the best brewing guide thats easy to follow, you will benefit with both flavour and nutrients.

Recommended Brewing Guide
Types of Tea Teaspoon (Tsp) Brewing Time (Minutes) Water (Cup)
Black Tea 1 3-5 Boiling
Green Tea 1-2 2-4 Short of Boiling
Oolong 1-2 4-6 Boiling
Puerh Tea 1-2 3-5 Boiling
White Tea 2 2-3 Short of Boiling
Rooibos/ herbal/ fruit 2 4-6 Boiling

We love tea so of course we love to follow articles of interest. We found this a good read as it includes a detailed history of brewing tea. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/news/brew-perfect-cup-tea-according-science/