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I am the Founder and Director of Herbal Culture Ltd. If you have never had a chance to speak with me please feel free to contact me on info@herbalculture.co.uk. I like to get to know all our customers and help where possible when it comes to tea, herbal and all things healthy. Here is a little story lately about a personal issue and how one of our brews help to overcome it.

On 2nd March 2020, I was blessed to bring a little girl into the world. Since my little one was born she has suffered from Acid Reflux and the only way to try and control it is using Gaviscon Infant prescribed by the doctor. It’s been great for the reflux but unfortunately its side effect means that sometimes it can cause constipation so we use Fennel Tea! It really works and gets her bowels moving, at the same time it isn’t a laxative so the outcome isn’t that explosive nappy we all dread! Simply relax and let nature take its course 🙂

Mummy’s & Daddy’s if your baby suffers from constipation for any reason then I would highly recommend you give this brew a try,

Fennel Herbal


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Here @herbalculturetea, we take nothing for granted and aim to provide unlimited choice 🙂

We have over 80 ingredients and experiment daily on bringing to you the best of Healthy Tasty Tea! Our aim is to provide something for everyone so we’ve been working really hard lately on doing just that. Starting today we will be adding to our range of brews and introducing a new blend everyday for the next 5 days.

Today we have launched our perfectly blended ‘Rose & Hibiscus’ brew. Using real pink rose buds & petals gives a natural sweet taste and fragrant. Rose Buds carry a wide range of anti-oxidants, known to support women with their menstrual cycle, skin health and is a natural relaxant. Hibiscus contains anti-bacterial compounds which helps fight and protect the body against  unwanted diseases, case studies show that Hibiscus has previously shown evidence of reducing cholesterol and treating high blood pressure. This new brew is completely caffeine free so can be consumed night or day, as well as hot or cold. A perfect balance of sweet, fruity and tangy!

Rose & Hibiscus

If you have a blend in mind and would like to speak to us then please get in touch via info@herbalculture.co.uk

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Love Island – How many teas does Anton Danyluk have to make before he finds love?

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We’ve all been following Love Island this year and while it’s been easy for some, poor Anton has really had some obstacles to face along the way.  He started off with Amy Hart, recoupled with friend Amber Gill, took his chances on Anna Vakilli and ended up with Elma Pazar, only for her to be taken away from him again! In the mix of all that he was in a love triangle with Tommy Fury and Molly Mae.

So where is he going wrong? We think he is lovely, just by the fact that he greets his ladies with a cuppa in the morning, but how many teas has one guy got to make before he finds love? What kind of tea are the organisers of Love Island really providing their house mates? Is Anton too sweet or will he start becoming a little bitter? Will Arabella Chi enjoy a chai with Anton?

The following link shows a timeline of Anton’s time so far https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1141397/Love-island-2019-recoupling-timeline-who-coupled-up-couples-itv2

Battle of the tea making for Molly Mae:



We think Love Island producers and organisers should let us fix this, after all life is like a cup of tea, its how you make it! #findantonlove #loveisland #letusfixthis

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On receiving feedback; we were told that our blends were delicious, however some of our customers would prefer if our blends were already in teabags for convenience

We took this into consideration and wanted to make it convenient for all, therefore all of our blends are now available in teabag form on our website. The quality of our leaves and ingredients remain the same, we simply fill and seal the bags for you.

Our new tea bags are made from corn fibre which are unbleached and free from plastic.

Brewing Guide

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Many people are unaware that certain teas need to be brewed for a certain amount of time to get the best flavour. Tea should also be made using different temperatures of water. Just like cooking a fabulous dinner, you dont want to undercook it and you dont want to burn it. You’ve spent all that time making it so you want it just right.

We are aware that everyones taste buds are different and naturally we are used to drinking our tea in certain ways to suit us. As tea experts we created the best brewing guide thats easy to follow, you will benefit with both flavour and nutrients.

Recommended Brewing Guide
Types of Tea Teaspoon (Tsp) Brewing Time (Minutes) Water (Cup)
Black Tea 1 3-5 Boiling
Green Tea 1-2 2-4 Short of Boiling
Oolong 1-2 4-6 Boiling
Puerh Tea 1-2 3-5 Boiling
White Tea 2 2-3 Short of Boiling
Rooibos/ herbal/ fruit 2 4-6 Boiling

We love tea so of course we love to follow articles of interest. We found this a good read as it includes a detailed history of brewing tea. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/news/brew-perfect-cup-tea-according-science/

Product Announcement – Healthy Teatox

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Introducing a whole new world with our first ever 14 day detox box. Dieting and detoxing shouldn’t feel like a burden and should be made for people to enjoy. For this reason, we spent a lot of time perfecting this blend to ensure that the ingredients selected had certain properties to achieve the detox desired, but also tasted great too!

Although our main products are sold loosely, we decided that our Healthy Teatox box ingredients needed to be put into individual tea bags. This to ensure correct proportions are being consumed and to support our consumers with busy lifestyles. Healthy Teatox should be drank around certain times during the day so whether your at work or home we have made it easy for you to enjoy your new teatox adventure.

Healthy Teatox provides 14 days supply of our original ‘Fat Attacker’ blend and 14 days supply of our ‘Night Detox’ blend.  Each box provides 14 morning teabags and 14 bedtime teabags. 100% natural ingredients that are free from Senna and extracts. 100% organic delivering a unique blend of teas and herbs.

SHOP NOW via our fitness & detox page

5* Hygiene Rating

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We are proud to confirm that we have received a 5* Hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency. We pride ourselves in the cleanliness and up keep of our operations and in blending our tea. We are so excited to launch Herbal Culture with a 5* rating.