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Love Island – How many teas does Anton Danyluk have to make before he finds love?

By June 21, 2019 Uncategorized


We’ve all been following Love Island this year and while it’s been easy for some, poor Anton has really had some obstacles to face along the way.  He started off with Amy Hart, recoupled with friend Amber Gill, took his chances on Anna Vakilli and ended up with Elma Pazar, only for her to be taken away from him again! In the mix of all that he was in a love triangle with Tommy Fury and Molly Mae.

So where is he going wrong? We think he is lovely, just by the fact that he greets his ladies with a cuppa in the morning, but how many teas has one guy got to make before he finds love? What kind of tea are the organisers of Love Island really providing their house mates? Is Anton too sweet or will he start becoming a little bitter? Will Arabella Chi enjoy a chai with Anton?

The following link shows a timeline of Anton’s time so far https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1141397/Love-island-2019-recoupling-timeline-who-coupled-up-couples-itv2

Battle of the tea making for Molly Mae:



We think Love Island producers and organisers should let us fix this, after all life is like a cup of tea, its how you make it! #findantonlove #loveisland #letusfixthis

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