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Product Announcement – Healthy Teatox

By May 15, 2019 Uncategorized

Introducing a whole new world with our first ever 14 day detox box. Dieting and detoxing shouldn’t feel like a burden and should be made for people to enjoy. For this reason, we spent a lot of time perfecting this blend to ensure that the ingredients selected had certain properties to achieve the detox desired, but also tasted great too!

Although our main products are sold loosely, we decided that our Healthy Teatox box ingredients needed to be put into individual tea bags. This to ensure correct proportions are being consumed and to support our consumers with busy lifestyles. Healthy Teatox should be drank around certain times during the day so whether your at work or home we have made it easy for you to enjoy your new teatox adventure.

Healthy Teatox provides 14 days supply of our original ‘Fat Attacker’ blend and 14 days supply of our ‘Night Detox’ blend.  Each box provides 14 morning teabags and 14 bedtime teabags. 100% natural ingredients that are free from Senna and extracts. 100% organic delivering a unique blend of teas and herbs.

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