Fitness & Detox Gift Bundle for Staff / Colleagues/ Secret Santa




Do you have too many staff to buy for or simply want to treat your colleagues to something unique this Christmas? Maybe you just have too many Secret Santa’s to get?! We have the perfect bundles making your gift unique, enjoyable, healthy and affordable.

Our Bundles are made up of our most popular organic variety packs usually worth £5.00 each! Each variety pack contains 10 unique Herbal Culture Fitness & Detox with a written message ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’.

Our Fitness & Detox variety pack contains:

1 x Fat Attacker

1 x Bloaters Digest

1 x IBS Peacemaker

1 x Flu Fighter

1 x Decaf Boost

1 x Detox Metox

1 x Healthy Bones

1 x Night Dream Team

1 x Glow Me

1 x Morning Energizer


Bundle 1: 3 Variety packs for £12.00 (Saving £.300)

Bundle 2: 5 Variety packs for £20.00 (Saving £5.00)

Bundle 3: 10 Variety packs for £35.00 (Saving 15.00 and FREE Delivery)

Bundle 4: 20 Variety packs for £65.00 (Saving £35.00 and FREE Delivery)

What are you waiting for? Santa will be coming down your chimney before you know it!

Best Before Dates on these products exceed Christmas & New Year so it’s never too early to order!

Additional information

Christmas Gift Bundles

3 X Fitness & Detox Variety Pack, 5 X Fitness & Detox Variety Pack, 10 X Fitness & Detox Variety Pack, 20 X Fitness & Detox Variety Pack


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