Vegetal flavour and slightly bitter with sweet undertone


Vegetal flavour and slightly bitter with sweet undertone

Caffeine free Laxa-tea is a natural laxative that will help relieve constipation. In particularly the Senna in this brew is used for patients before undergoing a colonoscopy.  Typically this tea will start working between 6-12 hours after its consumed therefore it is advised to take before bed. This tea has been blended with pairing ingredients to support its uses and improve flavour

Organic: Senna leaves, Peppermint, Chamomile Ginger, Marshmallow root. 15 x 2g teabags

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Senna is sometimes used to support weight loss, however we do not advise this or advise that it is used on a regular basis as your body can lose it’s natural vitamins and nutrients during excrement. We do not advise to use this for more than two weeks.

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15 Teabags


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