Organic Agnus Castus Berries


Spicy Aromatic Aroma.

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Agnus castus is a deciduous aromatic shrub reaching 3-5 metres in height. It has 5 to 7 lobed, palmate leaves which are cross-wise opposite. The flowers are tubular in shape and occur in shades of violet, blue, pink and white, after the flowers fade they turn into dark peppercorn like fruits. Our Agnus Castus is completely organic and free from pesticides, it can be used whole or grinded.

To make a lovely Agnus castus berry herbal infusion, steep 1-2 teaspoonfuls of dried herb to a cup of hot water for approximately 5-7 minutes before straining. We recommend no more than three cups of agnus castus berry tea per day.

Agnus castus has also been known to support fertility and regulate women’s progesterone levels. Case studies also show that Agnus castus helps women with PMS and Menstrual pain.

Each pouch contains 25g of Agnus castus berries, the perfect amount for about 5-6 cups of tea.


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