World Blends – Variety Pack


Variety of World blends individually packed in tea bags.


A variety of World blends individually packed in tea bags.

Our sample pack will give you the opportunity to find your most desired flavours from this category. From citrus and sweet to spicy and floral, this will help find the best flavour for you. If you’ve taken an interested in some of our blends but was spoilt for choice then this is a great starter pack.

They come in separate sealed tea bags and cellophane pockets to prevent aromas from mixing and impacting flavour. Our sample packs are great for many reasons, great for travelling, great for finding your favourite flavour and great if you simply want to have a choice of tea every day.

Each pack contains a combination of 10 organic World blends:

1 x English Breakfast Tea

1 x Greek Inspired Tea

1 x Thai Inspired Tea

1 x Chinese Inspired Tea

1 x Japanese Inspired Tea

1 x Indian Inspired Chai

1 x Polish Inspired Tea

1 x Russian Inspired Tea

1 x Dutch Inspired Tea

1 x Moroccan Inspired Tea




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94g (30-35 Servings)


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