Signature Blends

Herbal Culture brings to you a choice of unique Signature blends. Using our knowledge and experience to blend the best ingredients that work the best together to give a satisfying taste

Fitness and Detox Blends

Whether you want to lose weight or enhance your energy to have a great workout. Be the best version of you with our fitness and detox range.

World Blends

A choice of unique blends inspired from all around the World. If you’ve been on holiday and the taste of a delicious Tea is now a distant memory, then check out our range to see if we can bring those memories to life.

Black Tea Blends

A variety of Black Tea Blends. Black Tea has a full bodied flavour that is more oxidised than most teas. Contains caffeine

Green Tea Blends

A variety of Green Tea Blends. Green Tea has refreshing flavour that has gone through a less oxidised process. Lower in caffeine than most other teas

Oolong Tea Blends

A variety of Oolong blends. Oolong is a semi oxidised tea that has notes of green and black tea aromas Oolong is great when infused with other ingredients. Contains caffeine

White Tea Blends

A variety of White Tea Blends, white tea is an unoxidised plant. Pale yellow in colour, It’s name derives from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which give the plant a whitish appearance. It’s light in flavour.

Herbal and Fruit Blends

A choice of Decaffeinated and clean Tea Leaf Blends including Rooibos which is steamed and dried instead of oxidised.

Seasonal Products


Organic Culinary Ingredients

A variety of organic ingredients, herbs & spices. All our ingredients are dried in there original form and free from pesticides. The variety of ingredients are widely used to create unique and flavoursome meals, drinks and desserts. Get creative with our choice of the best ingredients.


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Tea Accessories

Accessories to make your tea experience more fun.