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By July 30, 2019 Uncategorized

Here @herbalculturetea, we take nothing for granted and aim to provide unlimited choice 🙂

We have over 80 ingredients and experiment daily on bringing to you the best of Healthy Tasty Tea! Our aim is to provide something for everyone so we’ve been working really hard lately on doing just that. Starting today we will be adding to our range of brews and introducing a new blend everyday for the next 5 days.

Today we have launched our perfectly blended ‘Rose & Hibiscus’ brew. Using real pink rose buds & petals gives a natural sweet taste and fragrant. Rose Buds carry a wide range of anti-oxidants, known to support women with their menstrual cycle, skin health and is a natural relaxant. Hibiscus contains anti-bacterial compounds which helps fight and protect the body against  unwanted diseases, case studies show that Hibiscus has previously shown evidence of reducing cholesterol and treating high blood pressure. This new brew is completely caffeine free so can be consumed night or day, as well as hot or cold. A perfect balance of sweet, fruity and tangy!

Rose & Hibiscus

If you have a blend in mind and would like to speak to us then please get in touch via info@herbalculture.co.uk

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